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>> this is the place for news. kron 4. the bay area's news station. news station. news sj.xy >> oh, man. our top story on the, the 49ers have beat the seahawks in front of a packed stadium for one of the last games played at candlestick and kron 4 was there to catch all of the excitement. the 49ers getting a huge win today against the seahawks. we were on the side lines for what turned out to be one of the biggest games so far of the season. >> reporter: no doubt this is a huge game for the 49ers. they came ready to go in this one against a tough seahawks team. and the stick was the loudest i have heard it all season. rightfully so. these fans ready.
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they even brought duck whistles to the game. i guess they're going to go seahawk hunting. it's becoming a good rivalry with the coaches, players, fans, everyone loving this one. first quarter, not much scoring. making it 6-0. niners second quarter, the seahawks would score. lynch taking it 11 yards for the touchdown. next possession, the niners getting into field goal range, relying on the leg of dawson again, and again he would not disappoint. this one from 52 yards in the cold with the wind. phil dawson in beast mode today. yes, i said it. beast mode for a kicker. same quarter, the seahawks would get another touchdown. this one 39 to luke wilson from russell wilson. seahawks take the lead. then this 8 yard pass capping
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off a great drive by the niners would give the niners the lead and the momentum going into the half. no scoring in the 3rd quarter. so let's skip it. let's move on to the 4th quarter. 6:26 left to play in the game. the seahawks would get another field goal. santa claus not happy. seattle takes the lead. 17-16. the niners would need a big play and they would get it from frank goer. 51 yards on this one, setting up the field goal from 22 yards from phil dawson again. niners getting it done. they improved 9-4 on the season, all of this to coach harbaugh's delight. >> very little talk, motivational type of talk. they didn't need to hear anything about how to play. >> i loved it. i loved it. >> the greatest game. >> i loved it.
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>> on the bucket list. >> reporter: huge win for the niners. next to last regular season game here at the stick. it was a good one. didn't disappoint the fans out there. next week the niners will be in tampa bay taking on the buccaneers. >> and coming up later in the newscast, jason will be here with more highlights and much more in sports. really cold out there, brian. >> it was a cold day at the stick with temperatures only into the 40s around the entire bay area. mid to upper 40s was as warm as it got for the entire day. 43 is the cool spot in concord. san jose in the mid-40s. san francisco, not warmer than 46. we are going to see things warm up a little bit tomorrow afternoon. but we have a cold night to deal with tonight. already temperatures even at this hour below freezing. like santa rosa, napa, below freezing. close to the freezing point for
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pleasanton. most spots with the exception of san francisco and a few locations along the coast will get below freezing. a freeze warning in effect for the entire bay area, with the exception of san v]g+)5francisc the coldest temperatures in the valley getting into the upper teens. it looks like we have more cold weather for the next couple of nights. >> the cold snap is a concern for those living unprotected from the elements. at least five homeless people have died over the last two weeks. what some of the biggest cities are trying to do to keep those living on the street succumbing to the same fate. >> reporter: it happened behind this store front in dublin. police say a citizen found the man o4;ídphdead here around 12: friday afternoon. while the alameda county coroner hasn't determined a cause of death, they are investigating the possibility that it was due to exposure. the low temperature the day of
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the death was 23 degrees. those visiting this part of town sunday found the idea that a man could have frozen to death steps from where they were standing disturbing. >> it's very sad. somebody should do something about it. >> reporter: the bay area has seen temperatures drop to record lows with fatal results. since november 28th, four homeless men died while out in the cold in santa clara county. three in homeless encampments. one in a garage. in response to the deaths, the group that runs the three cold weather shelters in the county say they're adding 370 additional beds to try to help more people stay warm. and there are shelters in san jose and sunnyvale that will remain open 24 hours a day. outreach workers have been working bringing blankets to those living outside. >> we are under a cold weather protocol. >> reporter: san francisco's director of housing opportunity partnerships and engagement or hope says while there's been no
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reports of similar fatalities in san francisco, they're still working hard to steer people into shelters. in addition to that, those that live on the street are being checked up on. >> the chief has asked officers to do wellness checks. if they're not willing to go to a shelter, make sure that they're not experiencing hypothermia. >> reporter: lately there's been about 50 available beds at the church. if those fill up, st. anthony's church is standing by to take more people in from the cold. >> santa claus came early today at the hospital where there are hundreds of new toys around the tree. 70 motorcyclists road in, bringing at least one toy. this marks the 30th annual deadly perkins harley davidson toy run where motorcycle groups gather to bring toys to the
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hospital which will go to children as well as those in the pediatric clinics. >> it's beautiful to see folks who thought they weren't going to get anything and then they get something. they're just able to enjoy the holiday season. it's a beautiful thing. >> i think for a lot of them, this is -- this is maybe the one and only gift they get. so it means a lot to the community. >> the hospital will now distribute the toys through the next month. though the weather today is cold, fires are not an option for bay area residents looking to stay warm. banning all wood burning throughout the region. using wood stoves, outdoor fire pits or any other wood-burning devices is illegal during fair the air alert. the only exception is where wood stoves and fireplaces are the only source of hit. the ban comes as there is another freeze warning in
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effect into the morning.on a st brought you last night. an alameda house fire that broke out yesterday afternoon was caused by a faulty cord. the cord was located on the ground of the second store eve the building when it caught fire. the fire cost half a million dollars worth of damages to the two-story building. five people are without a home because of the fire and two units were damaged. in injuries reported and everybody was able to make it out safely. coming up, a massive memorial today for actor paul walker. we will hear from friends and fans who showed up to pay respects. a press conference held today on the fatal train derailment in new york. we will tell you how officials plan to prevent this from happening again. memorial events honoring nelson mandela. we will take a look at the next nelson mandela. we will take a look at the next si love watching tvbe fill outside.
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>> we have the possibility for a record cold temperatures tonight as we are in the core of an arctic air mass over california. it's going to be in place for a couple more days before things warm up. in the mean time, clear skies and very cold temperatures. a freeze warning in effect for all locations except for san francisco. and despite the cold start tomorrow morning, i think we will see temperatures rebound a little bit as we get into the afternoon. highs instead of the 40s, a lot of places going into the 50s. we will get a couple degrees for the afternoon. but still a very cold night for tomorrow night. more teens and 20s possible in the coldest spots. another night with a freeze warning in effect. clear skies over the state right now. we had a weather system that provided some clouds last night. that helped to insulate us slightly. so temperatures were not as cold as they will be tonight because we have the clear skies. now we have the air coming in directly out of the north. that's going to keep things
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cool here for not just tonight, but the next few nights around the bay area. we are looking at temperatures this evening getting down into the upper teens and low 20s. north bay valleys, 20 also event bay valleys. 20s in a lot of places tonight. even 20s popping up by the bay. like hayward 29 this evening. tomorrow morning, below freezing for oakland as well. look for temperatures in the south bay also in the 20s. 26 for san jose. below freezing for fremont and redwood city. highs for the afternoon just a little bit warmer. a lot of low 50s coming our way. upper 40s in the east bay. up about five degrees. here is the 7-day around the bay. looking at lots of sunshine through the week. and just a gradual warming trend. highs into the upper 50s, low 60s by the end of the week. not quite as cold at night. perhaps rain coming up for friday. just light. vicki. >> brian, we're getting you into holiday spirit with
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another kron local special. amazing holiday lights. the one-hour show takes you live around the bay bringing you light displays and other celebrations. the amazing holiday lights is next friday night after the news at 9:00 p.m. and next up, three shootings in vallejo in the past week with the latest happening just this afternoon. we have a report from the vallejo police department on what is behind it. coming up. >> coming up, seconds count when firefighters need to respond to an emergency. however, at one station in san francisco, valuable time is wasted because of people behaving badly.
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>> here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: in front of just about fire station in san francisco, stenciled on the ground in big letters are the words keep clear. but you can't see it here because, well, it's covered by all of these vehicles.
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that area is called a fire lane and stopping in it slows down the response time for firefighters and paramedics when responding to an emergency. this rig is trying to respond to an emergency. at a retirement time but it's delayed because people are blocking the fire lane. this car was not only in the fire lane, but see how it passes the fire truck with its lights activated in the bike lane. during a commute, it can take the fire truck 2 minutes to leave the station because of drivers blocking the lane. like this driver in the volvo. let's have a chat with him. >> how are you doing. roll your window down. do you see that fire station? >> get him, stanley. >> do you see that sign on the ground that says stay clear. what if there's a fire. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing good.
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>> you're on the cell phone but you're blocking the fire station. >> do you see the sign that says keep clear. >> i did. >> it is what it is. holiday traffic. >> it must have been a new holiday and i missed it. now this fire station is held captive by inattentive drivers. the fine for blocking a fire station is $35 but with all of the court fees and add-ons, it balloons up to $238. >> if you have a comment or a story idea for stanley, e-mail us at fans of paul walker gathered at the site where he was buried tonight. he was killed after a porsche crashed into a light pole and burst into flames. today's tribute was organized
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through social media. some fans drove up in suped-up cars like he drove in the film. >> reporter: minute by minute the memorial grew. just more and more candles and flowers piled up. fans even brought in a christmas tree and started to decorate it. all along this street. cars would come driving by as people would admire some of the performance race cars and other vehicles that cruise through here. this started on the internet and it sort of mushroomed and became this huge tribute to paul walker. you're a big fan. >> he was an inspiration to so many people. they knew him as the actor who would drive fast cars. there's so many fans. but the stuff that he didn't go to the media for, his charity reach out worldwide. you know, any time that something happened in this
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country, he was there. he went to chile. somebody to look up to. >> what did palm walker mean to you. >> he was a chill guy. you learned things from him. reaching out to charity. he was a big inspiration to me on the car theme because that's what most people will remember him by, driving in that sky line or wearing chugs or something casual. he truly will be missed. >> former san diego mayor bobber will be sentenced tomorrow. he will be placed on three years probation and three months of house arrest. he will have to undergo treatment by a health mental official. he resigned after women accused him of making unwanted advances
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towards them. two u.s. senators are calling on the federal railroad administration to take steps to prevent another deadly train accident. chuck schumer and richard blumenthal say that the ntsb recommended that cameras be installed on the inside and outside of trains five years ago but nothing has been done. the train killed four people and injured 60 others when it derailed. >> as we move forward from the crash, we have to focus on the lessons we learned in the past week and make sure that these things don't happen again. reports are now pointing to human error as the cause of the crash. it's now generally accepted that the engineer, quote, nodded off during the trip, oxc.gca highway hypnosis. when you see so many things go by quickly and repeatedly, you get loathed into sleep.
8:21 pm
>> schumer says the cameras would monitor crew members and provide video evidence in the event of a crash. the metrolink trains have cameras installed. it has been a month since the typhoon ravaged the philippines. bodies are still being uncovered from beneath the debris in the hardest hit cities. tens of thousands are living in shelters. haiyan left over 5700 people death and 4 million people were displaced. hiker eric ralston is facing domestic violence charges in denver. they arrested the 38-year-old saturday night. according to the detention center website, he is being held on one count of assault and one count of wrongs to
8:22 pm
minors. his experience was made into 2010 film. he amputated his arm to be freed from a bolder. he is expected to anear a court tomorrow. a group helping stranded whales is ending today. sky and boat teams couldn't locate the whales on saturday which means they could have moved further off shore. the pilot whales were first spotted tuesday near the everglades. seven whales have been found dead and four others euthanized. this type of whale is common for mass strandings. they really can't be sure where they are. it has been 33 years, believe it or not, since rocker john lennon was gunned down outside of his new york apartment. a crowd of beatles fans gathered to mark the anniversary. they sang songs, lighted candles and planted flowers in central park. he was shot and killed december
8:23 pm
8th, 1980. coming up at 8:30, if you plan on flying anywhere, you may want to check your airline first. thousands of flights are being delayed due to the cold weather and storms all across the country. >> that cold weather is right in the bay area. already temperatures below freezing in many spots around the bay. it will get even colder later tonight. i will tell you how cold coming up.
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>> today marks the beginning of a week's worthed much memorial
8:26 pm
events honoring nelson mandela that will end with his funeral in his hometown. >> reporter: adding to a massive memorial here in johannesburg where nelson mandela passed away late thursday. this sunday has been a national day of prayer where you've seen sites like this all over the country as south africans pay thanks and bid farewell to the man who brought the country out of apartheid and into democracy. the government has confirmed that at least 59 dignitaries from around the world will be here for the days of mourning they include president obama, george bush, bill clinton. queen elizabeth will be represented by her son prince
8:27 pm
charles. as well as some are saying this could be the largest gathering of world leaders in south avenue linebacker candlestick ever. a logistical challenge ahead for the government. on tuesday, we will see the first formal memorial service for the late president at the stadium. it seats 59,000. but the government to allow as many people to take part in the festivities will also erect 90 big screens around the area to see what is taking place. nelson mandela's body will lie in state at the union building and each morning, his body will go on a procession of sorts through the capital, allowing south africans to bid farewell. all of that ahead of nelson mandela returning to his homeland next weekend. there will be a traditional funeral for him on saturday, ending in a state funeral for him on sunday.
8:28 pm
really an entire country coming together to pay thanks to one man who helped you unify a nation. >> if you want to help out your furry friends this winter, one animal shelter is making it easier to adopt. it's the game that everybody is talking about. the 49ers beat the seahawks this afternoon. jason will have sports highlights coming up. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive"
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sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new 2014 jetta. it gets an impressive 34 highway mpg and comes with no charge scheduled maintenance. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature. sign. then drive. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends january 2nd. visit today >> this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news continues now. >> thousands of people stranded tonight due to airport delays and cancellations. cold weather is to blame. flight says over 2,000 flights have been canceled as of this afternoon, with more than 6,000 delays. the dallas fort worth airport has been hit particularly hard. 400 departures have been
8:31 pm
canceled. some people waiting since thursday night. to ease the pain, some airlines are giving away free refreshments and bringing in entertainment for travelers. they are expecting 500 more cancellations for monday. any let up in the cold snap? >> no. it will get even colder tonight. we are going to watch temperatures plummet. look for the coldest spots to tumble into the teens. a freeze warning in everything for tonight and for tomorrow night. so we are still in this arctic air for a few more nights before we see things warm up a little bit. even right now, temperatures at or below freezing in many spots. menlo park at 32. same for walnut creek. everywhere around the bay area currently in the 30s. the coldest spots going into the upper teens and low 20s. that would be in the north bay and east bay valleys. so, again, this freeze warning in effect everywhere around the bay area except for san francisco. then we have the freeze warning once again for tomorrow night as temperatures will shall
8:32 pm
almost as cold as tonight. tonight definitely the coldestment look for temperatures possibly breaking records this evening. look for low 20s north bay. even upper teens. low 20s east bay. 20s as well for the south bay. it's going to be cold. even below freezing temperatures by the bay. i will tell you when we have some warmer weather on the way in a few minutes. >> a man in vallejo is fighting for his life after he was found with multiple gunshot wounds near an elementary school. >> this is at least the third reported shooting in vallejo in the past week. in the prior two incidents, the victims died. police say the details are vague and that's because witnesses are not cooperating. you can see paramedics performing cpr on the victim. the man in his 20s was found bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds near the elementary school at the intersection of
8:33 pm
whitney and pomona avenue. along with the vallejo police department, the american canyon police also responded. investigators seen searching the school for any clues as to where, why and how the man was shot. the victim was taken away by ambulance to a hospital with serious injuries. police say they do not have a description of the suspects but they hope to learn more details about the case from the victim once he is out of surgically healthy enough to speak. kron 4 news. >> there were over a million people in the streets of ukraine today protesting the government's move away from europe and towards moscow. here in san francisco, a sea of protesters showed support for the protesters that toppled the statue of lennon. organizers tell us that they are standing in unison with their fellow citizens. >> the main demand is call for
8:34 pm
the new government and peaceful overthrow of the existing corrupt government in ukraine. >> there are over a million people. it is really cold in ukraine right now. so they stay there overnight. and we want to support that ukraine community in san francisco is with them. >> they collected cash donation that's will be sent to the protesters in ukraine. temperatures are extra cold and the money will pay for clothing and shelter in the cold weather. if you want to help critters this holiday season, adoption costs are being lowered. they are looking to find more dogs and cats a family of their own. costs that usually range from 90 to $120 will be dropped to $12 through new year's eve. that fee covers spay and neuter costs and other costs. the shelters hope to find homes
8:35 pm
for more than 1300 animals for the new year. children in san mateo will be getting a special visit from santa today. the stuff the bus event took place today. >> i want a watch. >> you want a watch? a big watch or a small watch? >> small. >> big. >> and what do you want? >> big. >> reporter: while these children are telling santa what they want for christmas, there are many that may otherwise not receive anything if it weren't for people like norma and her five children who always buy extra during the holidays for need ekids. >> we do do it so our kids know that they should give to the less fortunate. >> it's the season of giving and every child should have a toy. >> merry christmas.
8:36 pm
ho-ho-ho. >> reporter: santa and his team made stops in half moon bay at the target and at the bridge point toys r us to pick up donations to fill a charter bus. the toys are then stored in a warehouse and the cash will go towards buying more gifts. >> we have a wrapping party where we wrap all of the presents and we have another day where we bag the toys. >> making a wonderful christmas and holiday for kids that don't get it. >> reporter: all of these toys, including thousands others will be gift wrapped and delivered to over 550 families throughout san mateo county. santa and his helpers will be the ones making the deliveries. >> oakland fire officials want to remind you to be safe this holiday season. they are advising to use flame resistant materials when hanging lights. and keep decorations away from
8:37 pm
windows and doors. it is important to test your smoke alarms. avoid using space heaters. the holiday season has a great he risk of fire than any other time of year. a frigid storm across the west is bringing snow to the northeast. >> reporter: the wintery storm that much left of the station's mid section in a deep freeze is now threatening the east coast. snow, ice and freezing rain are impacting several states. >> it made this hard ice kind of coating under the snow. that made it tougher. it was more of chopping. >> reporter: in ohio, crews worked around the clock to make sure that roads were safer for drivers. in virginia, the same story. snow plows were out in full force. so too were frustrated drivers. >> it has been really rough. i think every year people forget how to drive in the snow. >> reporter: conditions at the
8:38 pm
airport weren't better. in washington, d.c. passengers stood in long line as as their flights were delayed or canceled. a similar story in philadelphia. weather conditions prevented inbound flights from landing. as the snow caused problems for travelers, some found time to enjoy it. >> snowball fights and snow men. >> reporter: this wintery blast is expected to be brief. forecasters say temperatures should rise after the monday morning commute. >> not that you need an excuse to wine and dine for the holidays, coming up, we will take you to the world famous restaurant for some sweets. >> i discovered something really cool to do this holiday season for free in the bay area. it's good for all ages. it's a super high-tech new 3d light show. i'm kron 4 reporter dave slate. i'll tell you all about it after the break.
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>> time now for dine and dish with vicki. >> i don't know about you, but the holidays for me mean permission to indulge my sweet tooth. i couldn't pick a better place. lincoln carson is here with us. lincoln, you talk. how sweet it is. >> thanks, vicki. everything that we do here isn't just about the literal -- it's about the entire experience. we have squash with chocolate and ginger. pumpkin seeds. >> beautiful. >> we've got our cake with maple ice cream. >> some of these flavors and spices are just like thanksgiving and christmas and everything good rolled into one. >> yeah. i think it's that time of season, that time of year. we're all about using seasonal products. >> what are sweets without sips. what did you just pour.
8:42 pm
>> a pear sider. i think sider is something that a lot of people overlook. it is so, so good. it is good for you because it is just sparkling pear juice. so this one also has a slight little fizz to it. it's refreshing. it's like adult sprite. >> they make a wicked version of the grass hopper. tyler is the master. what makes it holiday. >> we're doing a brandy-based grass hopper. we're placing aged -- that will give you more of a holiday feel. >> just go to our website for more information and click on dine and dish. >> you can also find some recipes there too. in philadelphia, santas ditched the sleigh and decided to travel on foot. you're looking at the running of the santas in philadelphia yesterday. participants dress up as chris
8:43 pm
cringle. they bar hop. it goes by the name of santa con here in san francisco. we are getting you into the holiday spirit with a kron 4 special program. it will bring you a look at beautiful christmas lights from all over the bay yeah. it's a one-hour live show happening next friday night at 9:00 p.m. that's kron 4's amazing holiday lights next friday right after the news at 8:00. we'll be right back.
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>> we have the possibility for record cold temperatures tonight as we have an arctic air mass on top of us for this evening. it will be over us for a couple nights. so this cold weather is not going anywhere any time soon. live view of san francisco. skies are clear tonight. last night we had a little cloud cover. that helped to insulate us.
8:46 pm
that made temperatures a few degrees warmer. with the clouds gone, we will really see the temperatures tumble. records low possible tonight. freeze warning in effect. for the daytime tomorrow, we will see the afternoon temperatures about 5 degrees warmer than today. but then very cold once again for tomorrow night. could see some more teens, 20s and a lot of below freezing temperatures. we will see the temperatures gradually warm up as we go through this week. right now, we have a lot of below freezing numbers, especially into the north bay. santa rosa and napa below freezing. athe freezing point for pleasanton. san jose, 39 degrees. same for oakland. these readings will continue to drop tonight. look for 20 overnight santa rosa closer to dawn. low 20s for much of the north bay and east bay. even 20s popping up by the bay. hayward, 29 degrees tonight. 34 san francisco. so the san francisco is one of the few locations that will remain above freezing.
8:47 pm
certainly below freezing for the south bay. 26 tonight. san jose. 28 redwood sityand fremont. and for tomorrow, look for those highs to make it up into the upper 40s and low 50s. just a little bit warmer than today. and we will watch those temperatures continue to slowly go up bit by bit through this week. we will have sunshine for much of the week. and the chance for a little bit of light rain come friday and perhaps once again on sunday. >> now, time for the kron 4 tech report with gabe slate. >> i'm inside the westfield center mall in san francisco where they have launched a high tech 3d light show called nutcracker under the dome. the westfield center elegant dome built in 1908 is quite something when transformed into a state of the art surround sound theater. ♪[music]
8:48 pm
this show nutcracker under the dome is inspired by the ballet. it has footage of san francisco ballet dancers as part of the light spectacular. san francisco bay creative technology conceived and created nutcracker under the dome using the latest in mapping technology. it took three days of filming with 16sf ballet dancers to capture 16 hours of dance footage for the six-minute show. they clocked in over 1,000 hours of intricate post production and animation to transform the raw footage which was captured in slow motion at 90 frames per second. it's really special. it's one of those techy only in san francisco kind of shows. it's 3d but you don't need glasses. in person, it's cool. my video camera can't capture
8:49 pm
and relay the imagery that i was seeing. this imagine al experience plays every half hour starting at 5:00 p.m. nightly now through december 31st. it is a unique attraction to get you in the holiday spirit. and it's free. can't beat that. >> coming up after the break, jason will have your sports highlights, including today's big win for the niners. i love watching tv outside.
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and thrive. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> all right. welcome back, everyone. it didn't come easy. nobody thought it would. but a huge win for the niners
8:52 pm
today. 49ers took the field at candlestick park for what is likely the second-to-the-last time ever. the seahawks coming in 11-1. second quarter, lynch makes a cut back. 11-yard touchdown run. they held him in check pretty well. that touchdown. phil dawson was the niners first half offense for most of the first half. three first half field goals including this one from 52 yards out. 9-7 san francisco. now, late 2nd quarter, russell wilson throws into the shadow touchdown. 13-9 seattle. but niners crucial 72 yard drive before the half. cap cap it's off with this one to vernon davis.
8:53 pm
16-14 niners. seattle takes a lead on a field goal. then bore rips off his biggest run of the year. 17 carries, 110 yards. ran out of gas there. a huge run for frank goer, which would set up dawson's fourth field goal of the game which would be the game winner. the niners retaining the lead. dawson a franchise record, 20 straight field goals. here is the last chance for seattle. wilson, he will go for it all. watch as germane falls down. eric wright picks it off. and the niners, they prevent seattle from clenching the division at the stick. look at cap fired up. final 19-17. san francisco, this is an amazing statistic. they haven't lost at home to an nfc west team in over five years. unfortunately for them when they go to the playoffs, if they go to the playoffs, it will likely be on the road. here is coach harbaugh. >> just running and hitting
8:54 pm
low, hitting and running. >> it was great. >> yeah. competing. that's a very tough offense. >> i think it was a statement game to the world, just to let you guys know this is still our division. until a team takes that from us, we will continue to represent this division the right way. >> not much to say about the raiders other than to quote their hall of fame safety saying quote we looked like the bad news bears out there. allen making questionable moves early. he started rookie matt but pulled him for terrell pryor only to put matt back nhl the 1st raiders down 13-13. the blocked punt from his own end zone. king has the block. just like that, it's 20-3 new york. their biggest lead of the season by the way for the jets. marcel reese got a heavy workload with mac fad enand
8:55 pm
jennings out. he made it count, a 63 yarder to open the quarter. he had a career high 123 yards rushing. but the jets come right back. their maligned quarterback geno smith keeps it himself. 27-10 the jets. here are the raiders as they go back and fourth in the 3rd. streeter had a huge game. he catches the 48 yarder. raiders down 10. mcloin, 18-31. two touchdowns and an interception. the raiders going for the strip here late instead of making the sure tackle. chris i've rebruising his way into the end zone. that ices it. final score, dennis allen loses 37-27. the raiders now have lost 13 straight times in the eastern time zone and they are staring another 4-12 season right in the face with kc, san diego, and denver left on the schedule. you have to wonder if they don't win any of those games and repeat a 4-12 season if
8:56 pm
dennis allen can survive back to back 4-12 seasons. great day of football all around the nfl. we just have time for the blizzard bowl. check this out. half a foot of snow fell here. it looks like snow. look at the snow in his face mask. didn't bother mccoy. he ran for a franchise best 217 yards. i guess it's hard to tackle when he makes the cut back. everybody falls down. this 57 yarder ices it. this is a great shot. fifth straight win for the eagles. they go from worst to first in the nfc east. sharks-wild, just enough to tell you that they wrapped up a rough four-game road trip in minnesota. 3rd period they pull the goalie and marlowe scores to cut it 2- 1 so the empty networks. but it back fires here with six seconds to go. zach, his second goal of the game. sharks lose 3-1 and they go 1-3
8:57 pm
on that road trip, vicki. >> and that will wrap it up for us. stay connected with kron 4 and get the latest developments on [ laughter ]
8:58 pm
he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right.
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"e.t." >> "e.t." uncovers new evidence that may reveal how fast paul walker's car was going just before the crash. i'm rob marciano. the first image of the porsche seconds before impact. i'm standing in the spot where walker's car first comes into the frame. "e.t." breaks down the footage we just gave to investigators. plus new details on how the "fast & furious" franchise will move on. and the latest on a teenaged daughter paul left behind. >> i notice you have her name as a tattoo. >> what he told us on the set of his final film. >> he is the best partner i've ever had. >> then paul's time with "e.t." from his first interview to his last, opening up about his fast and furious lifestyle. >> what is the fastest you have ever driven? >> just under 200. ♪ in the days of my youth bradley cooper's '70s firm. jennifer lawrence falling down drunk.

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